How to prove God exists


I’m a scientist, and I believe in God. I have recently had a discussion with a friend who says she wants to know who God is, but she is giving up. The Christian God as seen through Christians doesn’t seem to be right. The God/gods/spirituality of Native Americans makes some sense to her, but she isn’t sure if she really understands it. She is finding herself in a place of confusion. She said through all of the belief systems she has been researching, she feels like many different belief systems are all attempting to know who God is or the significance of spirituality.

She said to me, “How do I know whether God is the Christian God, or the Native American God, or the Mormon God? It seems like God shows parts of Himself to people, but no one person can know everything. We are each limited by our culture, by our experiences.”

Maybe people reading this feel the same way. How do we REALLY know who God is? Who has it right? Who REALLY knows who God is?

Ok I’ll tell you the answer, are you ready?

Who knows who God is?


If God is real, and he exists and shows himself to us, He is the only one who can show each of us the part of Himself that we are supposed to see. You don’t believe me? Well then ask Him. Put out a real, honest prayer. “God, if you are there, will you show me who you are? Not the part of God that my Mother sees, or the part of God that my friend sees, or the part of God that all the people at church see. I want to see the REAL God, whatever that means.”

Because if God is real, why wouldn’t He answer you?

I’m telling you He will, because I have experienced the answer.



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About doctorstg2020

I am both a scientist and spiritual enthusiast. These two things do not need to be contradictory. I attempt to reconcile these two trains of thought, and also present my thoughts on following God without being a self-important judgmental jerk about it.

10 responses to “How to prove God exists”

  1. M-R says :

    If you have experienced the answer, why would you not want to share it ?
    Let me guess: everyone’s answer will be different, right ?
    Doesn’t provide a rationale for your not wanting to share yours – or anyone else wanting to share his/hers …

    • doctorstg2020 says :

      I don’t think everyone’s answer will be different for those who are truly seeking. Perhaps God will show us different parts of Himself, but those who truly seek will not be at arms with each other when it comes to the nature of who God is at His heart. But how many have sought religion and not God! I’m speaking about truly asking God to show Himself to you and being prepared for the answer. God has shown Himself to me. I also have a perception of God that is shaped mostly by my culture, experiences, and upbringing. That is a separate thing.

  2. Kelly Johnson says :

    These debates remind me a bit of that party that’s gone on a bit too long and the alcohol has flowed too freely until a heated discussion about God breaks out. The problem to me is that a) God can’t be ‘thought’ but rather needs to be felt and b) spirituality is ideally an extremely personal experience.

    I may regret this but I’ll take a moment to share my experience of having been raised an atheist and coming to make peace with God and you are welcome to do what you like with it.

    I grew up always looking at Christianity from the outside. Always feeling separate from it – like there was a big club and I wasn’t part of it. The Lord’s Prayer used to irritate me for example. The problem with this approach to life is it’s bleak and small. When life turned up the heat I had very little ability to make sense of it.

    When I finally made peace with God the definition I was able to work with came from The Secret (insert eye roll here). One of the speakers defined it as we are energy fields operating in a larger energy field. That larger energy field is God. So we are a part of God and God is a part of us along with everything else.

    I have had moments of deep meditation where I could feel this. I could feel the energy that everything is made from – its intelligence and the interconnectedness of everything.

    The thing about the mind is that it wants to divide and define everything – to put it in a box if you will. God to me is all-inclusive – literally everything. As such it is not really something our mind can grasp. Conversely, I think our heart is very capable of feeling God. For many this happens in nature, while watching a beautiful sunset, while making love, etc.

    So . . . my suggestion to those of you who wrestle with God is to stop thinking and start feeling. Learn to quiet your mind and allow yourself to experience God.

    • doctorstg2020 says :

      I agree with you that God resonates feelings and energy within us. The only thing that is difficult there is that everything has feelings, and I think everything has energy. And some of this is negative/bad, which I think does NOT come from God. Therefore I think it is important on some level to seek after an intellectual understanding and knowledge of who God is. But people get SOOO caught up in this that they miss the REAL thing!
      I think more important than obtaining knowledge is doing what you said… we need to stop thinking so much and allow ourselves to experience God for who He is!
      Amen and God bless.

  3. chaddamitz says :

    Thanks for the message. I will be praying for your friend who is having questions about whether to follow the Christian God or not. At least she is honest and really wants to know the truth. Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life.” If she seeks truth, she will find it.

  4. insanitybytes22 says :

    That was really well said. If you have questions about God, ask Him! After all, who is more qualified to answer? 🙂

    God reveals Himself to us all a little bit differently. I suspect nobody can really look Him in the face, that’s probably like flying too close to the sun or something. So we what get is Him gently speaking to us, revealing himself to us in ways that are familiar, that our brains can accept and process. Also people interpret information differently, even within the same culture. Clowns for instance, some people perceive them as fun comedians of the circus, other people think they’re the stuff of horror movies. God has to communicate with people somewhat individually, so we’ll understand.

  5. shatteredpieces2014 says :

    I just found your blog, and want to say THANK YOU! for taking on this subject. My husband is a scientist and pastor, not a common combo, and what I have read here so far respectfully communicates how both can be true. It is sad that in our culture the two are so often considered to be antithetical.
    I wrote an essay along the lines of how God reveals Himself to us, using the analogy of an adult bending down to speak to a small child at eye level. He meets us where we are, even though He is infinitely greater than the adult-child comparison.

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